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Fulwell Windmill – A Breath Of Fresh Air

Fulwell Windmill is a prominent landmark that was built for Joseph Swan in 1806 and remains in full working order today…

The 19th Century Grade II listed Fulwell Windmill was initially constructed using magnesian limestone back in 1806 for a well known gentleman called Sir Joseph Wilson Swan who is best known as an early developer of the now incredibly successful incandescent light bulb; yes, one of those things you see with glass around it and lights up when you flick a switch.

Fulwell Windmill

Links to the Swan family remained strong for years to come with archive material reflecting a whole host of millers either leasing or renting the mill until around 1879 when the Moody family gained ownership. It wasn’t until 70 years later, in 1949, some bright spark decided to remove the sails and install a gas engine to provide the necessary power – which it did for the next half a century.

Fulwell Windmill

Following the demise of the mill, Sunderland Corporation made the decision to repair of the windmill’s cap and install four dummy sails in a bid to rectify its structure and looks in 1955.

Fulwell Windmill


Since then, various restoration work has been undertaken via the Tyne and Wear Industrial Monuments Trust and Sunderland City Council who managed to gain funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and European Development Fund. The mill was subsequently restored to its 19th Century working condition and remains the only ‘working’ windmill in the North East.

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