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Langham Tower – More Than Just An Educated Cragside

Langham Tower boasts a wealth of educational history but the impressive three-storey Grade II listed building has more to offer than scholarship and culture…

Langham Tower

The Grade II listed ‘Cragside’ inspired building was originally constructed back in 1889 and was used for educational purposes as a college from 1922, but only for the fairer sex with around 800+ students and 75 staff.

Langham itself was reportedly built as a house for the affluent William Adamson who was the son of a shipbuilder / owner but was later rented by the famous VAUX family prior to becoming the Sunderland Teacher Training College in 1922 with around 150 students.

Sunderland High School

It wasn’t until 80 years later that Sunderland High School would purchase Langham Tower, utilising private money to add a range of other buildings including the Armstrong James Building library within the gardens of Langham in 1962.

Langham Tower

The Cragside influence is obvious for all to see with it’s Tudor-styled abrupt pitched gable roofing, elegant masonry and half-timber wooden beams which are for decoration only.

Langham Tower

The property is now up for grabs but you’ll need a sniff under a million quid to buy this interesting stately development…

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