Souter Point Lighthouse

Souter Point Lighthouse

Souter Point Lighthouse was the most innovative of its time, generating a powerful light source originating from carbon arc…

A short flight around Souter Lighthouse

Beaming its first powerful lifesaving streams of light on 11 January 1871, Souter Lighthouse was built specifically to use alternating electric current – a technology not previously used and therefore extremely advanced in it its design.

Souter Lighthouse

without doubt one of the most powerful lights in the world

Acquired by the National Trust in 1988, Souter Lighthouse and it’s surrounding buildings were designed by Trinity House Chief Engineer, James Douglass who decided the ‘brick’ construction would be surrounded by a quadratic layout including the popular boiler room and five additional dwellings.

Souter Lighthouse

These were all were built of rubble masonry and subsequently rendered with a durable Portland cement in a bid to withstand the powerful north east weather conditions.

Coastal conservation centre

While Souter Lighthouse looks much the same as it did many years ago, holding on to its precious integrity, the surrounding area has recently seen the development of a ‘Coastal conservation centre’ which offers a range of facilities including bird observation area, multi-use learning space and public toilet facilities.

Souter Point


The lighthouse and boiler room are also said to be haunted with the ghost hunting team, Most Haunted spearheaded by Yvette Fielding visiting in recent years…