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Saltburn-by-the-Sea – Pretty As A Picture

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Saltburn-by-the-Sea is a quaint seaside town located in Redcar and Cleveland, North Yorkshire with a small population of around 6,000…

Often referred to being ‘as pretty as a picture’, Saltburn lures thousands of visitors every year, armed with their trusty cameras and picnic baskets.

Saltburn Funicular

Saltburn Funicular

One of its main attractions is the water-balanced funicular which is operational during the summer months. While being extremely photogenic, its main purpose is to connect the historic pier to the old town, making the 173 step journey a little less tiring on the old ‘pins’.


Aside from being the oldest in the UK and second eldest in the world, Saltburn Cliff Lift is a true feat of engineering which embraces simplicity and science by filling the most elevated carriage with water until it weighs more than its twin below, causing the two beautifully crafted ‘rail cars’ to pass like ships in the night.

Historic Pier

Measuring an impressing 1500ft and designed by John Anderson, The original Saltburn pier opened in May 1869 but was sadly obliterated 6 years later by a powerful storm in 1875.

Saltburn by the Sea Pier

It’s ‘more recent’ Grade II listed 641ft replacement opened its gates to the public in 1877 and like many other piers has been given various alterations and upgrades.

The pier was dealt another blow when the Ovenbeg ship collided with it, causing a gap which was later filled by a small theatre and subsequently completely repaired in 1930.

Saltburn by the Sea

After the war, Saltburn Pier was given a full rebuild costing a reported £20,000, re-opening in 1952, only to be dealt another biblical storm in 1953 which saw it remain closed for a few years until 1958.

The proud pier has since withstood many storms but continues to welcome meandering visitors grazing on their locally sourced fish and chips…

Saltburn by the Sea

A fabulous place steeped in history and well worth visiting – even in those cold winter months.

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