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Meik’s Lighthouse – A Cast Iron Beacon

Often overshadowed by it’s Roker counterpart, Meik’s Lighthouse is one of last remaining cast iron lookouts in the country…

Thomas Meik

Instantly recognisable and prominently located in Roker Cliff Park, Sunderland, Meik’s Lighthouse was built and positioned on the old south pier in 1856 by the then River Wear Commissioners’ Engineer, Thomas Meik in a bid to provide safety for any ships entering the River Wear. The lighthouse was eventually closed to ships in 1973 and subsequently refurbished, then relocated to a more tourist accessible position.

Meik's Lighthouse

The impressive white structure stands 50 foot tall and, like other lighthouses, incorporates a cylindrical bottom with the tower constructed entirely from cast iron sections riveted together.

It’s lantern room which sits above the tower, is surrounded by a cast iron balustrade and capped with a cast iron dome and N, E, S and W compass points above the dome.

Meik's Lighthouse

Designed in the style of a classical Tuscan column which encompasses around an elaborate cast iron staircase, Meik’s is a now a popular visitor attraction on the Sunderland coastline.