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Galeón Andalucía – A Floating Museum

In case you’ve been hiding under the stairs, there’s a stunning replica of a Spanish galleon called the Galeón Andalucía moored at Newcastle’s Spillers Wharf…

Nao Victoria Foundation

Owned and operated by Nao Victoria Foundation, the glorious nautical recreation was developed by Ignacio Fernández Vial at the Punta Umbria shipyard (Huelva, Spain) and will drop anchor until the end of this week at Spillers Wharf in Newcastle.

Galeón Andalucía

The eye-catching vessel was launched on November 30th, 2009 with its masts commissioned a year later. Galeón Andalucía has now covered more than 48,000 nautical miles across some of the the world’s largest oceans, stopping off on her travels to visit ports in four continents and participating in many cultural projects.

Galeón Andalucía

While the impressive Spanish ship has successfully retraced some of the busiest seas negotiated by Spanish explorers and traders between the 16th and 18th centuries, this is first time El Galeon has ever ventured into the north east.

Visitors can hop onboard and a free to explore the six decks which include the Officers’ mess, historically recreated gun deck, cabins and various other interesting artifacts. Exhibits include videos, historical documents and the opportunity to meet the Galeón Andalucía crew – hopefully without abandoning ship!

Galeón Andalucía

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